Are Humans Ready to Land On Mars?

ASX is partnering with the Canadian Nuclear Society to bring you a special event: Are Humans Ready to Land On Mars? On Friday, November 21, at 6:30 pm in the Bahen Center (40 St. George St.) room 1170, Nicholas Sion will describe the dangers of getting to Mars and how we can overcome them. ASX will then provide a telescope observing night. Please book your free tickets using Eventbrite here.

Since the Mars Science Laboratory (Curiosity) landed on Mars, there has been increasing interest as to whether humans can travel to this neighbouring planet. This presentation will outline the known hazards in outer space missions, and draw attention to the issues of incessant radiation, microgravity effects, shielding inadequacy, and the psychological effects of a long lonely journey. The presentation will also outline the concepts of getting to Mars and the possible countermeasures against the hazards, including the latest research. You can view the full event poster here.

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