October 2015: Picture of the Month

This is one of the two global maps of Jupiter captured on January 19, by observing the ten hours rotation of the giant gas planet with the Hubble Space Telescope.

Star Talk: Thermonuclear Supernovae

Thermonuclear Supernovae and the Quest to Understand Why White Dwarfs Explode by Professor Marten van Kerkwijk If a carbon-oxygen white dwarf explodes, it will look like a type Ia supernova, with most of the carbon and oxygen fused to silicon- and iron-group elements. But it remains unclear both under what physical conditions the explosions are triggered and in what…
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September 2015: Picture of the Month

These dark streaks seen on Mars, called recurring slope lineae, are inferred to have been formed by flowing liquid water.

Space Matters

As a club, our purpose is to inspire and educate students and the general public about astronomy and space. This is why we stand with SEDS-CAN in urging our next government to invest in Canada’s space sector. The Canadian Space Agency’s core budget was set at $300 million in 1999. And it should be increased,…
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Star Talk: Cosmology, Cell Phones, and Video Games

Welcome back to a new school year! We will be continuing our monthly ASX’s Star Talk on September 24th at 8pm. Our speaker is Keith Vanderlinde, an Assistant Professor at the Dunlap Institute and Department of Astronomy and Astrophysics at the University of Toronto. Prof. Keith Vanderlinde has spent the last decade building and using telescopes to…
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