UTAT Space Review

Thanks to everyone who tuned into last week’s collaboration event with UTAT! If you have time, check out the UTAT space review: http://space-review.utat.ca/#/

The UTAT Space Review is a news site by the University of Toronto Aerospace Team with the goal of educating and informing students about all things space. Covering everything from recent and important events, to detailing historical space achievements, to providing updates from UTAT itself, the UTAT Space Review aims to become your go-to for space news and education.

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Crew Dragon Demo-2 Launch Livestream + Q&A

ZOOM LINK: Click here

On June 1st, Col. Doug Hurley and Col. Bob Behnken will become the first astronauts to pilot SpaceX’s Dragon 2 spacecraft to the ISS. This mission will launch a new era in space travel, as the first crewed commercial flight to the space station. To mark this momentous occasion, ASX is collaborating with the U of T Aerospace Team (UTAT) to answer any questions you have while we all watch NASA’s livestream together!

Hosted on Zoom, our moderators will begin taking questions at 2:30PM until the launch at 3:22PM, and immediately after until 4:00PM. Leading discussion and taking questions will be Hybrid Engine Propulsion Lead Jacob Weber from UTAT’s Rocketry Division. Feel free to come with your own questions, or lend an ear to our guided discussion. As usual, everyone with any amount of background knowledge is welcome!

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ASX General Elections

We want to acknowledge that the health and safety of our members is our highest priority. This is why with heavy hearts we had to cancel our last Star Talk of the year. 

Due to the current situation, we are replacing our Annual General Meeting and executive elections for the 2020-2021 academic year with an online election.

If you are an undergraduate ASX member at the University of Toronto (i.e., you are a U of T undergrad on our mailing list), then you are eligible to vote and to run for an executive position.

To run, email space.society@utoronto.ca before April 17th 2020 at 11:59PM. You can state up to three executive positions that you intend on running for in order of preference, and please prepare a short statement of no more than 250 words for each position. If you wish to run for more than one position, please tailor your statement to each of the positions you intend on running for.

Available Executive Positions:
** President
** Vice President
** Finance Director
* Secretary
Outreach Director
Symposium Directors (x2)
Events Directors (x2)
Graphics Designers (x2)
Web Designer
*Note that if a candidate wishes to run for President, Vice President, Finance Director or Secretary, then they require a nomination from two other ASX members.
**Note that a candidate may only run for the President, Vice President or Finance Director positions if they have previously held an ASX executive position for at least 6 months.

To see descriptions of available positions, please see section 4 of the ASX Constitution. The procedure for voting laid out in the constitution will be suspended due to extraordinary circumstances; further information will be provided shortly. You can find our constitution through the following link: http://asx.sa.utoronto.ca/files/2013/10/ASX_constitution_mar2018.pdf

If you have any further questions, please email space.society@utoronto.ca.

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