ASX 13th Annual Symposium “Astronomyths: Science or Fiction?”


The wait is over; ASX is proud to announce our 13th Annual Symposium “Astronomyths: Science or Fiction?”! This 13th Annual Symposium will be held on January 29th, from 6:30 – 11:00 pm. In the past, this event has featured many famous astronauts, top researchers and leaders in the space industry, and it had attracted more than 1000 audience members.

As the title of this Symposium suggests, our speakers this year will tackle some aspects of cosmology and aliens while asking the question “is this science or fiction?”. We are honored to be featuring; Professor Fred C. Adams (cosmologist at the University of Michigan), Professor Lynn Rothschild (NASA AMES Research Centre) and Brian Trent (science fiction writer and  author of  “The Nightmare Lights of Mars”).

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December 2015: Picture of the Month


A first look might suggest that this is a quasar (or a double-bladed lightsaber for the Star Wars fans). However, it is just two cosmic jets beaming from a newborn star, Herbig-Haro 24 (HH 24), some 1300 light years away in the stellar nurseries of the Orion Complex. These stunning jets, captured by the Hubble Space Telescope, spanned about half a light year from HH 24. The protostar, hidden from view, is surrounded by cold dust and gas, flattened into a rotating accretion disk. As materials fall into the protostar, it heat up and these opposing jets are sent out along the system’s axis of rotation, producing glowing shock fronts along their path.

For more information, check out APOD.

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