The Spectacular Deaths of Stars

The Spectacular Deaths of Stars

ASX held our first Star Talk on September 26 at 8pm. The speaker was Dr. Chris Matzner, a University of Toronto associate professor. The talk was given in the Lash Miller building (80 St George Street) right next to McLennan Physical Labs.

Chris Matzner writes, “Although stars appear fixed in the celestial sphere, in fact they do not last forever. Our own Sun, like most stars, will burn down one day to aglowing cinder and gradually fade away. But some stars go out with a bang, lighting up the sky with their brilliant explosions. I will tour the thrilling and macabre ways stars can meet their ends, but I will also consider how stellar death enriches the Galaxy and makes the Universe fertile for life.”

In case you missed it, here is a link to the audio from the Star Talk.

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