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Transcript: Astronomy Ethics Panel on Observatories | Stellar Spectacles Symposium

This transcript has been edited for clarity. The video recording has been published by the ASX here. Steffani Grondin 00:00 I’m really looking forward to this informative discussion we’re about to have tonight. I’ll pass it off to each panelists to introduce themselves. Dr. Neilson, would you mind going first? Hilding Neilson 00:41 Thank you.…
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Blog: Behind the creative process of the ASX’s new logomark

The ASX is proud to present a new logo by graphic designer Hansen Jiang, and refined by designer Janine Charoonruk! To craft the ASX’s first logo update since 2003, Hansen took inspiration from elements of the previous logo, while introducing new elements to capture the mission and nature of the ASX with a distinctive mark.…
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Blog: A history of Canada’s planetariums by Space Place Canada

Ian McLennan narrates his decades-long experience with planetarium development across the country By Adam A. Lam, Astronomy and Space Exploration Society TORONTO, Ontario — Toronto shuttered its last major planetarium in 1995. From the view of Ian McLennan, a consultant who has seen the rise of planetarium construction across Canada since the 1960s, there is…
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In the News: The possibility — and importance — of finding water on other planets

University of Toronto student newspaper The Varsity recently published an article about our Star Talk with York University astronomer Paul Delany. Check it out at the link below:

Blog: The digital revolution has brought a new era to radio astronomy

Dr. Keith Vanderlinde discusses the evolution of radio telescope design