Star Talk: The Night Sky in Ancient Egypt

Star Talk: The Night Sky in Ancient Egypt

March 8, 2015
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ASX will be holding our monthly Star Talk on March 19 at 8pm. The speaker is Sarah Symons, Assistant Professor at McMaster University. The talk will be given in McLennan Physical Labs (60 St George Street). The room is number 103 on the first floor. This is a FREE event and open for all ages.

Sarah Symons is a member of faculty at McMaster University, in the Department of Physics & Astronomy. She is part of the design and instructional team for Integrated Science (known as iSci), a four-year undergraduate degree program combining all areas of science and taught through research. She is also Director of the William J. McCallion Planetarium in Hamilton, a small dome which hosts a different topic and live presentation each week. Her main research area is ancient Egyptian astronomy.

Sarah Symons writes, “Human interest in the starry sky has left behind a trail of archaeological evidence. In Egypt, this trail includes written hieroglyphic records which can help us understand the origins of astronomy as a human activity. The ancient Egyptian civilisation, itself spanning several millennia, used astronomy in its religious activities, its building projects, and in daily life. This talk describes the ancient Egyptian documents, instruments, and architecture that give us a glimpse into how the ancient Egyptians thought about, observed, and used the night sky.”

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