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A Virtual Tour of the U of T Astronomy Department

Curious about what astronomy education looks like? Get all your questions answered by tuning in to a virtual tour with the Astronomy Union (AU) – University of Toronto and the ASX on September 3 at 3:30 pm!  Zoom link:

Star Talk: Pursuing multiple lines of enquiry into cosmic dawn and cosmic noon

Curious about cosmology? Catch the ASX’s next Star Talk with postdoctoral researcher Dr. Dongwoo Chung on August 25! The Zoom link will be posted closer to the event. Abstract: “Gazing deeply into what appears to be blank sky, highly sensitive telescopes observing in various wavelengths reveal starlight from faint, distant galaxies,” writes Dr. Chung. “We…
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Virtual Tour of the Allan I. Carswell Astronomical Observatory

Learn about astronomical observation in a virtual tour of the Allan I. Carswell Astronomical Observatory on August 10th with the ASX! Catch the event page at:

Star Talk: Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence using the MeerKAT and the Very Large Array Telescopes

Catch our upcoming Star Talk with post-doctoral researcher Dr. Cherry Ng!   Zoom link:…Passcode: startalk   Abstract: “The search for technosignatures – remotely observable indicators of advanced extraterrestrial life – addresses one of the most profound questions in science: are we alone in the universe as intelligent life?” writes Dr. Ng. “The Breakthrough Listen program…
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ASX Supports CAUT Campaign

The Astronomy and Space Exploration Society is raising awareness and adjusting its programming to support an advocacy campaign to restrict donor influence on academic hiring decisions at the University of Toronto. In 2020, the University of Toronto’s law school presented an offer to Valentina Azarova, a human rights lawyer in Germany, to serve as director…
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