Star Talk: Stellar Fossils of the Early Universe

Date:¬†October 30th, 7PM – 9PMLocation: Lash Miller Chemical Laboratories¬†Rm 161 This star talk features Dr. Jeremy J. Webb, an Assistant Professor in U of T’s Department of Astronomy & Astrophysics. An NSERC postdoctoral fellow, Professor Webb is currently conducting research on Dynamical Evolution of Star Clusters, Dark Remnants, Dark Matter Substructure, Stellar Streams, Multiple Populations in…
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Stargazing + Grad Student Q/A

Date: September 25th, 8PM – 10PMLocation: McLennan Physical Laboratories 14th floor observation room Calling all stargazers! ASX’s first event of the school year is coming up at the very top of McLennan Physical Laboratories (MP). We will be hosting an observation night with the 8″ and 16″ telescopes on the tower roof. Spend the evening…
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August 2019: Picture of the Month

This picture is an original photograph of the Perseid meteor shower taken by ASX Chief Graphic Designer Hansen Jiang. The photo was created by superimposing separate pictures of two meteors onto each other, which is why two streaks of light can be seen.

May 2019: Picture of the Month

On May 11th, ASX participated in Science Rendezvous, along with many other science departments and organizations at U of T to bring science out of the lab and onto the street. As per tradition, execs donned ceremonial ASX garb, including space suits and cosmic squid hats.

Graduate Student Panel: Autonomous Space Exploration

Date & Location: 7:00 PM-9:00 PM Mar. 13, Wilson Hall (WI), Room 1016, 40 Willcox St., Toronto, ON M5S 1C6 Want to know more about the state of the art of space exploration technology? Bursting with questions on how rovers and satellites work? Not sure what to ask, but just want to learn more? Then…
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