The Merits of Sponsorship: You or your company can be involved with a non-profit organization that strives to share the excitement of space with the public – through lectures, an annual symposium, and an outreach program.

Benefits to You

  • Sponsor names and logos are seen by:

    • More than 1200 ASX members
    • Hundreds of event attendees per year
    • Several thousand people being exposed to event posters, printed material, and online websites
    • Over 1000 additional target audience reached through collaborations/partnerships
  • Gain greater visibility and exposure:

    • Establish links with student organizations
    • Recognition at all ASX events
    • Recognition in media releases and news
  • Build a positive image targeted towards several thousand high school and college/University students

Your Benefit to Us

Your contribution (monetary or in-kind donation) plays an important role for ASX:

  • Assists our commitment to educate, excite, and inspire today’s society about astronomy and space exploration
  • Makes it possible to get our message across to more people
  • Increases our appeal and our legitimacy by giving us an industrial and commercial perspective
  • Allows us to plan larger and more successful events
  • Helps to create future leaders in space exploration and the space industry

Your contribution will go great lengths in achieving these goals while promoting your generosity through various forms of publicity.

Our Sponsorship Package

Our sponsorship package consists of two parts: the package itself and examples of publicity we provide for our sponsors. Download the files below.

Methods of Payment

Monetary contributions can be provided via:

  • Cheque made payable to “University of Toronto Astronomy and Space Exploration Society”.

    • Please mail to: U of T Astronomy and Space Exploration Society 21 Sussex Ave, Suite 526 Toronto, Ontario Canada M5S 1J6
  • Payment through PAYPAL to space.society@utoronto.ca. Please fill out the Sponsorship Form (found on page 5 of the Sponsorship Package) and include it with your payment.For contributions of $100 or more, ASX will provide a receipt of payment

Partner Groups

The Star Spot

Facebook Group Link

The Star Spot is a Canadian, non-profit organization producing an internationally reaching astronomy and space exploration podcast. The Star Spot has partnered with ASX to bring a series of speakers to the University of Toronto.

University of Toronto’s Department of Astronomy and Astrophysics (DAA)

ASX has partnered with the DAA for events including observing sessions, and the Cosmic Frontiers Lecture Series held in September and October of 2005.

Canadian Space Society

Facebook Group Link

ASX and CSS have been collaborating in cross-promoting each other’s events, and announcing them to their members and in their publications (ASX Newsletters and the CSS Space Gazette). In addition, ASX partnered with CSS and co-organized the 2005 CSS Space Summit.

University of Toronto Space Design Contest (UTSDC)

ASX and UTSDC are working together on high school outreach programs and events. ASX also partnered with UTSDC for their 2004 Space Design Contest.

ASX also collaborates (including cross-promoting events) with these groups:


Canadian Alumni of the International Space University (CAISU)

Mars Society Canada (MSC)

International Space School Alumni Association (ISSA)

Ontario Science Centre

York University Astronomy Club (YUAC)

Space Society of London (SSoL)

Facebook Group Link

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