Star Talk: Planets Around Expired Stars

star_talk_sep “Planets Around Expired Stars”, presented by Professor Yanqin Wu

Abstract: Professor Yanqin Wu investigates the formation and evolution of planets, both inside and outside our own Solar System. Her current attention is devoted to a recently discovered puzzle, the presence of planetary systems around white dwarf stars, stars that have lived through their lives and are cooling off quietly in their cemeteries. The observational evidences are difficult to square with our current knowledge about the extra-solar planetary systems, and perhaps a new picture is required.


About the Speaker: Yanqin Wu is a professor of theoretical astrophysics in the Department of Astronomy & Astrophysics at the University of Toronto. She obtained her BSc from University of Science & Technology of China and her doctorate from California Institute of Technology. Her research interests focus on planets in our Solar system and beyond. She studies their internal structure, their dynamics, and their formation site — the proto-planetary discs. Her over-all goal is to understand how planets come about, this includes studying how environmental effects come into play, what is the interior structure of planets, etc.


This event is part of the Science Literacy Week
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Date and Location: 8 PM, Sept 22nd, McLennan Physical Laboratories Room 203
Telescope observing: 9 PM on 14th floor of MP (weather permitting)

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