Hello everyone,

It is with much sadness and regret that due to a series of unforeseeable events, we have unfortunately been forced to cancel the 15th Annual ASX Symposium, originally planned for February 2nd…

Yesterday, Dr. John B. Charles informed us that due to the recent US government shutdown and new laws put in place by the US State Department, that he is unable to travel to Canada for the event. We discussed with him to participate in the Symposium through Skype or some other form of video conferencing in order to still proceed with the event as planned. However, just today Professor Soon Jo Chung informed us that he has a serious family emergency and will also be unable to attend the event. Thus, because of the inability of both speakers to attend the event and the close proximity to the date of the event, we have been forced to cancel the event outright.

For all of those who purchased a ticket through Eventbrite, we will provide you with a refund, which should appear within 5-7 days.

We at ASX were extremely excited to host this event for everyone, and we are extremely saddened to bring you this unfortunate news. We sincerely apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused.

– The 2017-2018 ASX Executive Team

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