Blog: Behind the creative process of the ASX’s new logomark

Blog: Behind the creative process of the ASX’s new logomark

The ASX is proud to present a new logo by graphic designer Hansen Jiang, and refined by designer Janine Charoonruk! To craft the ASX’s first logo update since 2003, Hansen took inspiration from elements of the previous logo, while introducing new elements to capture the mission and nature of the ASX with a distinctive mark.

“The shapes, curves, and weight of each stroke invokes design principles of the golden space age, as well as showing movement and dynamics,” wrote Hansen in his branding proposal. “From a distance, it resembles a star. Upon inspection, especially with the inclusion of the red stroke, the points of the star form the letters ASX. Another representation is that of a rocket entering a wormhole, or sonic barrier. As well, in reference to the 2003 logo, the paths reference rocket trajectories.”

“This logo aims to improve upon the past logo by making each letter distinct and stylistically important,” he continued.

Janine then refined the logomark by adding polish. She applied a colour palette of warm tones—the red in the streak and yellow in the stars—and replaced the black background with charcoal black. “The angle of the gradient was also put in a way to make the round logo pop more [and] look 3D-like, like imagining how light would hit a round ball,” she reflected. “This is done by putting a light colour gradient at the upper left area of the circle to emulate that effect.”

Hansen has since completed his term as a Graphic Designer. The ASX team is thankful for his incredible work, and wishes him an amazing future and career. Janine continues to work with the ASX. Her art Instagram, which Hansen encourages all to visit, is at

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