Star Talk: Pursuing multiple lines of enquiry into cosmic dawn and cosmic noon

Star Talk: Pursuing multiple lines of enquiry into cosmic dawn and cosmic noon

Curious about cosmology? Catch the ASX’s next Star Talk with postdoctoral researcher Dr. Dongwoo Chung on August 25! The Zoom link will be posted closer to the event.

Abstract: “Gazing deeply into what appears to be blank sky, highly sensitive telescopes observing in various wavelengths reveal starlight from faint, distant galaxies,” writes Dr. Chung. “We uncover these galaxies from as early as the first billion years of the known history of the universe (‘cosmic dawn’) and throughout the subsequent dozen billion years of star formation and galaxy evolution.”

“Astrophysicists and cosmologists have been developing the technique of line-intensity mapping to observe the light from various species of atomic and molecular gas that permeate these galaxies, and to thus obtain a three-dimensional picture of the large-scale structure of luminous matter throughout cosmic history. This talk will consider the scientific background behind a range of line-intensity mapping surveys, and how using such surveys to map a variety of spectral lines should help shed new light on the early cosmic history of stars and galaxies.”

About the speaker: Dr. Dongwoo Chung is a CITA/Dunlap research fellow at the University of Toronto, working on observational extragalactic astrophysics and cosmology. Dr. Chung’s main research interest is in tracing the clustering of high-redshift galaxies through line-intensity mapping. Dr Chung has worked on various aspects of the Carbon monOxide Mapping Array Project (COMAP) and has also recently joined the TIME collaboration.

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