Star Talk: Wednesday, January 25th

Star Talk: Wednesday, January 25th

The ASX is back with the next Star Talk!! ✨✨
Come join for an exciting opportunity to Probe the First Billion Years of the Universe with Mighty Quasars with Dr. Huanqing Chen on Wednesday, January 25th at 6:00 pm. Entrance is free of cost.

Location of talk: McLennan Physical Laboratories, Room 134 (60 St. George St.)

Abstract: In this edition of Star Talk Dr. Chen will take us in a distant past, some 13 billion years ago, when numerous stars and galaxies did not exist. Where and how the first luminous objects emerge in the universe, along with their impact on the gas in the universe at large, remain pivotal questions in astronomy. She will cover how we study the distant universe, especially by leveraging the powerful quasars. She will show our progress and discuss the prospect of understanding the early epoch of structure formation.

Speaker biography: Dr. Chen is a Canadian Institute of Theoretical Astrophysics fellow at the University of Toronto, working on modelling galaxy formation and cosmic reionization. Combining simulations and observations, she studies the interplay between quasars, galaxies and the intergalactic medium.

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