ASX Annual General Meeting for 2017-2018 Elections

ASX Annual General Meeting for 2017-2018 Elections


ASX will be holding its Annual General Meeting to elect the 2017-2018 executive team, and celebrate the end of a great year with FREE food!

Date: Monday, April 3, 2017
Time: 6:00 PM
Location: Astronomy Building (50 St.George Street), Room 114

If you are a student at the University of Toronto and you are an ASX member (i.e., you are on our mailing list), then you are eligible to vote and to run for an executive position. To run, email before 11:59 pm on Sunday, April 2. You can state up to three executive positions that you intend on running for in order of preference, and come prepared with a short speech of no more than 3 minutes for each position. If you wish to run for more than one position, please tailor your speech to each of the positions you intend on running for. At the AGM, voting will follow the procedure outlined in the ASX Constitution, section 6.
*Note that if a candidate wishes to run for President, Vice President, Treasurer, or Secretary, then they require a nomination from two other ASX members.

Descriptions of each executive position are detailed below. To supplement these descriptions please see section 4 of the ASX Constitution. The descriptions for President, Vice-President, and Finance Director are omitted because you may only run for those positions if you have held another ASX executive position for at least 6 months.

Executive Positions:

Outreach Director: The Outreach Director is primarily responsible for advertising ASX, managing ASX’s social media profiles, cultivating relationships with external organizations, and recruiting members. For large events which require substantial advertisement, the Outreach Director may delegate responsibility for advertising to a number of executives, and should cooperate with the Secretary in creating an effective and consistent online message.

Secretary: The Secretary must take minutes during all executive meetings, and must promptly distribute them to the executives once the meeting is done. The Secretary is also responsible for establishing and maintaining the electronic mailing list, and managing the ASX email address. The Secretary is also responsible for managing and sending emails to ASX members, including a monthly newsletter which describes all the relevant space-related events scheduled during the next month. The Secretary is ASX’s primary contact person.

Symposium Director: The role of the Symposium Director is to oversee and manage all activities and tasks related to the Annual Symposium, including contacting and confirming speakers, booking their travel and accommodations, booking the Symposium venue and audio-visual equipment, choosing catering, and any other logistics related to the Symposium. Alongside the President, the Symposium Director is responsible for delegating these tasks to the other executives as the executives see fit. The executives are strongly encouraged to appoint a Symposium Coordinator to assist with these preparations.

Observing Director: The primary role of the Observing Director is to plan observing nights throughout the year. These events may be coupled with public lectures, and should be held as regularly and frequently as the executive can manage. The Observing Director is also generally responsible for planning any public events that ASX undertakes that have not been assigned to another executive.

Marketing Director: The Marketing Director is responsible for developing and executing a marketing strategy that is in line with the overall strategy of the Society. The Marketing Director must assist with branding ASX, particularly by developing graphics, posters, and flyers for ASX events and advertisements.

Individuals can be also be appointed to Coordinator positions through a 2/3 majority vote of the executive team at any executive meeting where quorum is met, and Coordinator positions should include a Symposium Coordinator and a Webmaster. Coordinator positions should be created as needed to assist a Director with a given job; for example, the Symposium Coordinator assists the Symposium Director, while the Webmaster works closely with the Outreach Director. Once a member is appointed to a coordinator position, they have an equal vote to every other executive in any occasion where executives vote, and they remain in their role until the next Annual General Meeting. At no time may there be more than 4 Coordinators, for a total of 12 executives.

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