Month: February 2016

Moving to Mars? A Panel Discussion on the Ethics and Logistics

Moving to Mars? A Panel Discussion on the Ethics and Logistics, co-presented by ASX and The Star Spot. Human survival depends on planetary settlement. While Mars is the top candidate for hosting human settlers, significant ethical and logistical controversies surround the prospect of sending humans to the Red Planet. ASX has assembled a team of experts…
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Star Talk: The World Records of the Universe

“The World Records of the Universe”, presented by Dr. Bryan Gaensler Abstract: We all love it when a world record is broken. But the records set here on Earth are puny and pathetic compared to those set elsewhere in our vast cosmos. What’s the coldest place in space? What’s the fastest object in the Universe?…
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STAR MEN at the Bloor Hot Docs Cinema

Four of the world’s most distinguished astronomers celebrate 50 years of work and friendship with a road trip through the southwestern United States, discussing and exploring the mysteries of the universe. Recapturing youthful adventures and recounting each other’s influences on the most exciting period in astronomy’s history, they share roots from a time following Russia’s launch…
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January 2016: Picture of the Month

In this panoramic view, five celestial wanderers can be seen above the horizon along with the Moon.